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Monday, October 1, 2007

What's in this Blog?


I've picked the title and subtitle of this blog to indicate my blogging interests: things Chinese and fiction writing. On the "things Chinese" side, I'm being identified as an American wuxia novelist. And I have taken several months of blogging on my former blog to discuss the meaning and traditions of wuxia literature. You can see these on my writer's website: www.thedragongateinn.com, where The Wandering Blades Blog is devoted to discussing the evolution of the wuxia genre of Chinese traditional fiction.

Simply stated, as a literary genre wuxia is usually translated as "martial arts" fiction, but I find that too limiting and translate the genre as "Chinese heroic fiction" - it deals with heroes and heroic action. And these heroes include male and female. So I write about swordsmen and swordswomen, though they don't necessary just swing swords, some prefer other weapons. But the reason I translate wuxia as "heroic" and not "martial" is that my emphasis as a writer is on the heroic not on the weapon or fighting technique, though given my own martial arts background (see my website) these are not neglected.

You can see this first hand in my first wuxia novel just published in April by a New York literary press (Pleasure Boat Studio). The novel is Dream of the Dragon Pool - A Daoist Quest. It is receiving rave reviews - my website, naturally has all of those. I will be writing about that novel, how I wrote it, and its themes - or as far as that quote from Zhuangzi allows! Have you figured out that one, yet?

I will also write about writing since I've been a creative writing teacher for a number of years and like writing. And I will review books on writing and aspects of traditional China, and discuss some movies that pertain to the wuxia genre.

So there is a lot to write about here. I hope you'll let me know your thoughts and interests. More later.


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