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Friday, July 10, 2009

Another Wuxia Book Review!

Summer is more or less here and between the rain storms, the riding is faster than ever and longer - all aimed at the century ride in September! Don't miss the Tour de France - GO LANCE!!!!!!

Great review just in today - many thanks to Wuxiadaddy for this one!

>Dream of the Dragon Pool is a wuxia novel written by American China scholar Albert A. Dalia and it has all the hallmarks of great wuxia. Tragedy, action and humor combine as a cast of non-to predictable characters journey down the Yangtze river. Li Bo, an exiled poet is on a personal quest to find his lost inspiration that becomes a mission to save the ruling dynasty and maintain the spiritual balance of the great river. The cast includes swordsmen, ghosts, drunken ship captains, drunken monkeys, shamans, spirits and gods. Dalia has lots of wonderful little details that add up to a feeling of viewing a great Shaw film or reading a Louis Cha novel. If you have been missing Barry Hughart and are tired of waiting for the rest of the West to realize how great wuxia is and get with the translating or are looking for something fresh in the fantasy genre, check out Dream of the Dragon Pool.



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