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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

2007 Fiction Book of the Year Award!!!

Hello! Just in late tonight January 01, 2008, my publisher received this:


The Online Review of Books & Current Affairs has chosen Dream of the Dragon Pool as our fiction Book of the Year.

It is now posted on our web site at www.onlinereviewofbooks.com.

John Miglio
Online Review

And who are these folks?

About Us

Due to the electronic revolution and the proliferation of independently published/small press books in the last decade, there are literally thousands of new books published each year that do not get reviewed by professional journals and receive very little publicity from the mainstream media. Major book reviewing publications, such as Publisher's Weekly and the New York Review of Books, have limited space and primarily review books that come from major publishing houses. In fact, most of these journals will not even consider independently published books. There are lesser-known academic publications that specialize in reviewing independently published books, but these publications have limited resources and cannot accommodate all the books they receive. Moreover, they have very limited readerships.

In light of this, we realized there was a need for a book review publication that would accommodate the growing number of independently published/small press books on the market. We also knew it was important to give these books as much exposure as possible, which meant we needed to appeal to a wider audience than just members of the book publishing community. So we decided to add news stories, essays, and feature interviews to our publication to broaden its appeal and create a larger readership. In addition, we wanted to create a publication with an edge, written from a progressive point of view that recommended books and presented news and information often ignored by the mainstream media. With this dual purpose in mind, we created the Online Review of Books & Current Affairs.


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