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Sunday, February 19, 2012

New FaceBook Site!

As part of the promotion of my new novel, I've started a Facebook site and would love you have you all visit. I've been thinking of moving from my website, which is presently giving me technical problems - that's why there are no images or mention of the new novel - to this Facebook site. I think I can handle changes and interact with readers much more adroitly via Facebook than via a website. It's an experiment and I hope you'll put up with my rather slow learning curve on that site. However, I will keep up with this blog site. Oh, and the address: facebook.com/WuxiaNovelist  And I do appreciate your suggestions on how to make that Facebook page better!

Hope to see you there!


The Innkeeper

Tanzong, Scroll 1 - The Story

Listening to Rain is the first "scroll" in a planed trilogy featuring the historical character, Tanzong, a warrior monk from the Shaolin Buddhist Monastery. This first volume is centered on the Isle of Pearls, present day Hainan Island. The subsequent volumes will follow Tanzong's adventures across the Tang dynasty empire, which stretched from the east China coast westward along the famed Silk Road into Central Asia. This first volume will be published at the end of February, 2012 - if all goes as expected. It will be available on Amazon as a paperback and in Kindle eBook format.

Back Cover Text:

China, 627 C.E.

The Tang dynasty’s rule remains tentative after a decade of civil war. The rise of a new uncertainty in the far south thrusts the fledgling dynasty between its most powerful enemies in the north and the possible revolt of the southern aborigines. The emperor and his grand minister delegate a two-man assessment team – the Shaolin Blade, Tanzong and the Imperial Commissioner, Li Wei to travel into the southern regions and negotiate with the aboriginal leader.

The first volume of this epic wuxia adventure tale follows the duo to the mysterious Isle of Pearls. To get there, they must use secret Taoist underground waterways, fight off the airborne attacks of the Thunder Lords, cross storm-tossed seas in a shaman’s bronze ship, and then sail aboard the Dragonfly, with the female aboriginal pirate captain, Byung Nhak, as she engages the local warlord, the Iron Shaman and his fleet of Seahawks. Their heroic journey continues into the center of the island through the unexplored “Land of Drifting Ghosts” mountain range in search of a legendary lost Buddhist monastery. While the long hidden Celestial Masters sect of Taoism and an enigmatic Tibetan princess pose an immediate threat, Tanzong’s internal conflicts offer the greater danger.

The series will follow Tanzong’s adventures throughout the medieval Chinese empire.
Author’s website: www.aadalia.com


The Innkeeper

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tanzong is Arriving Soon!